Extract #1: Charlie

Cooking turns to a smell and comes upstairs to room to tell me teatime’s ready for me. Mommy shouts it but I already know, she’s not as right as smell because he already told me, but she is right so I go down. Broccoli, yuk. And meat in gravy which I like. I’m eating meat and mommy says broccoli but loud and I jump. I tell her I don’t want it and she says I’m an ungrateful little so and so. Mommy says a word which I know I’m not because I don’t come from bottoms and go down toilet, whoosh. But teacher told me when i said to her what it was that mommy probably meant so and so. Mommy just forgets, but she remembers all else so I just say so and so in my head and don’t tell her it. She’s right that I’m little though, smartypants.

All meats gone from me most and Sandie a little bit, but sneakily because Mommy say’s meats not for sandie’s. Broccoli isn’t going in my belly but Mommy says broccoli, even louder than before I think, and I tell her I’m not hungry. Mommy points to wall and I’m sure she means outside it but I can’t see through like mommy. She must mean sometime’s house and I don’t want to go so broccoli goes in and I feel sick until it’s all gone, then it’s back to room for me because mommy says I get in the way when she’s busy finding me a Daddy which I don’t have; another one on the list. Santa will think I’m greedy, maybe that’s why he get’s me nothing yet.

Mans loud voice makes walls shake nrrr. Mommy laughs like in the morning but higher, and then quiet. Mommy’s on stairs and in room but not mine, different one of her own. Man’s voice is with hers and I think it’s my new dad maybe, but the last one wasn’t, nor the one before neither. More laughs and glasses touch, dink. Then quiet again until Mommy says sounds that are funny and I don’t ask what they are because questions are bad and mean sometimes house. But Mommy only makes noises with men, maybe it’s to check if they’re my Daddy but I don’t know. Don’t want to confuse my brain again so I lie on bed and close my eyes until I can sleep. Counting sheep’s good says teacher but she’s not right because Mommy says. I do it anyway and it’s by luck I fall asleep.

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